Monitoring Dissemination Results Through Real Actions by Teachers at SMKN 3 Jepara

Today, on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, the Monitoring of Dissemination Results through Real Actions by Teachers at SMKN 3 Jepara took place. This event, led by Sunaji, S.Pd., M.Eng., was attended by all teachers at SMKN 3 epara took place. This event, led by Sunaji, S.Pd., M.Eng., was attended by all teachers at SMKN 3 Jepara. In this monitoring activity, all teachers wereDuring this monitoring activity, teachers creatively shared their experiences in real actions using innovative and engaging teaching methods to keep students interested. Some teachers involved their students in social projects that helped the surrounding community.

Some real actions documented by the teachers include :

1.    Articles
2.    School Leadership
3.    Learning Practices
4.    Best Practices
5.    Teaching Modules
6.    Teaching Materials
7.    Technical Documents
8.    Other Documents

Real actions by teachers go beyond classroom teaching; they involve sincere dedication and commitment to shaping a better future for the next generation. Teachers face challenges in providing education to students from less privileged families. The outstanding teachers at State Vocational School 3 constantly strive to share knowledge and enhance their skills. They not only impart knowledge to the younger generation but also shape character, values, and ethics that contribute to the future of the nation.

hrough the real actions submitted to the Merdeka Mengajar Platform, teachers from SMKN 3 Jepara continue to contribute to creating a better education system, bringing positive changes in society. In this event, the launch of the online sales web application SKAGARA HEMART was also conducted at This launch represents a real action inProject- Based Learning Entrepreneurship integrated with other subjects. SMKN 3 Jepara, which integrates entrepreneurship    into    its    curriculum, offers practical-based learning. Students not only understand business theories but also practice their business ideas in a supportive environment. This helps students sharpen practical  skills,  such  as  financial  management,  marketing,  and  overall  business management. Through these activities, teachers at SMKN 3 Jepara assist students in developing essential entrepreneurial skills needed in the business world. They learn to plan businesses, identify market opportunities, manage risks, and build strong business relationships. This gives them a competitive advantage in the job market and helps them understand the dynamics of the business world. Students are taught to understand the social impact of their businesses and how businesses can be agents of positive change in society. They are encouraged to develop business ideas that not only bring financial benefits but also provide social benefits, such as assisting the local community or addressing environmental issues. Teachers at SMKN 3 Jepara provide guidance and resources to help students plan, launch, and manage their own startups. Therefore, the school not only produces skilled workers but also fosters courageous and innovative job creators.

During this dissemination activity, teachers were also empowered for bullying prevention. Bullying prevention awareness was raised through a presentation by the School Counseling Team of SMKN 3 Jepara, led by Siti Norastuti, S.Pd. The School Counseling Team of SMKN 3 Jepara discussed several steps that can be taken to prevent bullying and create a safe andfriendly school environment. These steps include raising awareness among students, teachers, and parents about what bullying is and its consequences, building empathy and compassion within the school environment

through character education teaching values such as respect, sharing, and cooperation. Schools must have clear and strict policies regarding bullying actions and implement appropriate sanctions for the perpetrators. Schools can involve parents in anti-bullying programs and provide resources to guide their children about the importance of respecting differences. Schools should provide emotional support facilities, such as school counselors, who can help bullying victims overcome trauma and build self- confidence. Additionally, peer counseling programs where students can talk to their peers about their issues can be highly effective. With joint efforts, we can address the issue of bullying and shape a younger generation that respects, supports, and cares for one another.

The entire series of activities ran smoothly, and all teachers were greatly assisted in documenting and submitting their real actions to the Merdeka Mengajar Platform.

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